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a. williams productions
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A. Williams Productions is an entity dedicated to multimedia excellence. At A. Williams Productions, we offer services in design + photography +film production + motion graphics. Collaboration is key to providing consumers with a cohesive multimedia experience. Immersion becomes the most valuable asset to produce works that portray the authenticity of the streets through the lens of polished perfection. Come along on this journey with us. We’d be glad to have you.



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About Me

Currently an interactive designer at Lockheed Martin, I have over seven years of experience working with corporate entities in content creation and video production. I am seeking opportunities to work and assist in the development of your brands' brand image domestically and internationally. I am knowledgeable in regards to cinematography, design, and graphic creation. I also love all things aesthetically pleasing, minimal, and simplistic.


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"Video took about two weeks worth of shooting around the city, when me and AJ discussed the video we knew we wanted to shoot the video in a place where people from back home could easily identify with and we agreed on the metro because everyone takes the metro so let's do it,"  tells XXL.

— LULBIGBROTHER XXL Magazine, febuary 28, 2017



"AJ – Many thanks for proving the creative spark in the story idea and then working with the team to see the dream come to life."

— Supervisor, Lockheed Martin, Febuary 1, 2018



"For context - this is the adaptation for the current campaign we'd like to continue in Canada. The main pursuit (CSC) will offer a different ship (from another company) and it will be at least sept before we can incorporate. The brains of the ship has been a really good WEBT campaign and has received positive traction, so rolling the main graphic into our exit sting creative (same original image) would be considered an extension. "

— Lockheed Martin Canada,  2017



"Watched the video like 3 times already! Then showed my kids on the big TV – the expressions and emotions on their face was priceless. They watched it again and again thereafter. – Can we splurge this year by adding it to the line of Super Bowl LII commercials? That would be rad!"

— Cedric Wu, JANUARY 30, 2018



"You are all officially invited to be a part of the Cornerstone and Fader Fort Austin Experience."

— Kevin Hunte, The Fader, January 26, 2015 & 2016



“AJ - Thank you for all your efforts this year, looking forward to a great 2018. 
Best, Andrea”



Upcoming Project:

"Perro" music video Snippet starring LulBigBrother.
Full video coming soon.